Mission and Goal:

The mission of DeMuro Enterprises, LLC is to provide excellence in training to Public Service personnel through the application of performance-centered learning.

The ultimate goal for all training developed by DeMuro Enterprises, LLC is to combine knowledge-based awareness that is applicable in the field, with performance-centered learning to establish an environment where the information provided can benefit both the attending student and the community served.


About the Lead Instructor:

Joseph G. DeMuro, a Managing Member of DeMuro Enterprises, LLC has been involved with training Public Service personnel for over two decades.  An experienced trainer, he has been Florida Certified to instruct General, Human Diversity and Legal topics.  He has worked as an Adjunct Instructor for both the Southwest Florida Criminal Justice Academy and the Manatee Criminal Justice Academy, and served as the Director of Training and Recruitment for the Florida agency he retired from.  He also develops and presents Tennessee P.O.S.T. approved training in that state as well.

Past-certified by the National Crisis Prevention Institute to instruct Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, he had been assigned to supervise the development of Florida’s mandatory retraining curriculum for Domestic Violence Intervention while Director of Training. With a Masters Degree in Training and Human Resource Management with Distinction from the Centre for Labour Market Studies at the University if Leicester in the U.K., he regularly engages in advanced/specialized research and training to support his instructional focus and design. Professionally, Joe  served as an Officer, Investigator and Supervisor and has been assigned to both work on and supervise State and Federal Task Forces with various agencies. He also worked as a Special Deputy US Marshal after his retirement. He has also been used by Florida’s Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission as a Subject Matter Expert for Drug Investigations. 

As an instructor, Joe has trained a wide variety of Public Service personnel, including EMS, Children and Family Services, Arson Investigators, Corrections/Probation Personnel, Teachers and School Administrators; on a broad range of topics. And for Law Enforcement personnel, he developed and provided training on over 25 topics that range from basic investigative techniques to hostage negotiation and terrorism awareness.  Having also been involved with instructor training and development, he develops Train-the-Trainer and Field Training courses with a focus on the effective transfer of learning. He also developed specialized training on Line Supervision, Middle Management and Leadership, as well as Integrity and Ethics.

Instructional Methodology:

DeMuro Enterprises, LLC views its responsibility as the relevant transfer of practical knowledge. Its approach to training is to inform and instruct while supplying both theoretical and applicable performance-centered knowledge for practical understanding.  All training sessions presented by DeMuro Enterprises, LLC provide a consistent level of knowledge and understanding to all attending students. Adjunct instructors and Research Sources experienced in the topic are used as applicable and/or regularly accessed for topic updating.

There are basically three types of instructional development offered to clients. The first is basic training sessions that can provide applicable awareness on specific issues and concerns. The second is founded in customization for agency specific training. It is developed for organizational requirement and need. The third is a Train-the-Trainer session that can aid a cadre of experienced instructors when developing curricula for agency need. All Train-the-Trainer sessions incorporate lesson plan development into the instruction to provide a topic-applicable curriculum for immediate use. However, all sessions developed are designed to provide awareness and performance-centered knowledge. The three instructional approaches outlined employ a variety of methods to efficiently transfer performance-centered learning in the time allotted. Methods will range from interactive lecture and assessment of conceptual scenarios, to Socratic inquiry and realistic in-class and after-class analysis. In effect, all training supplied by DeMuro Enterprises, LLC is focused on a realistic understanding by the student of any topic presented.